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British Gas ComplaintsIs British Gas an efficient energy supplier?

British Gas is a leading domestic energy provider in the UK. The company supplies electricity and gas to about 12 million homes. British gas customer services are extended to Scotland where it is referred to as Scottish Gas. Apart from energy supply, the company also supports and promotes a number of community initiatives. Currently, it is an active member in promoting green initiatives. It provides its customers with important information on how to cut down energy bills by saving energy.

Customers have the opportunity to save their energy costs since they are allowed to choose a number of energy plans. The company provides two main tariff plans which include Standard and WebSaver 4. WebSaver 4 is the most competitive plan. The Standard plan is available to both existing and new customers. Apart from the two major tariffs, green energy plans such as Zero Carbon and Energy are also supplied.

A review on the British Gas Customer Services indicates a huge number of British Gas complaints to be linked to energy saving tips. This is why the company offers a free ‘Energy Savers Report’ that provides users with different methods on how to save energy in their homes. They also offer prepayment meters and boiler installation services.

Customers can apply for British Gas Customer Services online by visiting the official website. You will be required to choose a preferred tariff before filling the online application form. You can make the process of switching swift by clearing any outstanding payments with the earlier supplier before allowing British Gas to take over. After filling the application form, all the other paperwork will be completed by the company. The process of switching is known to take an estimated time of about six to eight weeks.

British Gas complaints are set to decline in future since the company aims at coming up with more affordable energy plans. More so, the company is looking forward to investing in more green energy options. It has plans of launching a number of micro-generation technologies that will majorly benefit the domestic customer. Additionally, they are planning to introduce an option for online statements in order to bring down the cost of production involved with the use of paper.

The company aims at providing good quality services to their customers. It has a huge number of employees and the total staff in the UK call centers is estimated to be about 12000. The call center staff are dedicated to dealing with British Gas complaints from their customers.

British Gas Complaints 0843 455 0131.

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British Gas Complaints

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