Budgeting Loan Number

Budgeting Loan Number 0843 455 0031.

logoBudgeting loans are a way of helping you to pay for essential items. They are interest-free and paid back over an agreed period of time. An independent case examiner will deal with your applications. Sometimes problems or issues may arise and the first port of call would be to contact the budgeting loan number.

The Process.
Jobcentre Plus will have had to make two decisions on whether you can receive a budget loan or not and applications are to be reviewed within 28 days.

When the Jobcentre Plus Reviewing Officer or RO has made a decision. If you don’t agree with it, you can then contact the Independent Case Examiner and confirm in writing if you wish that you are not happy with the decision.

Your paperwork is then sent from the FRO – Further Reviewing Officer to be assessed before a decision is made. More information may be required to assist with the decision and they may contact you by telephone, letter or via your representative.

Once a decision is made regarding your budget loan a letter will be sent from the FRO to yourself and your Jobcentre Plus office to confirm whether the application will be rejected or if you will be awarded the loan you requested. If you do not agree with the decision contact the department and voice your complaint.

If you are awarded your budget loan then an offer letter should be expected within seven days. Loan payments will then be made. Once the initial paperwork has been received by the FRO the process itself should take around 21 days.

Budgeting Loans 0843 455 0031.

The information you will need.
In your written request for reconsideration, the information you should provide is:

  • Full name.
  • National insurance number.
  • Address and contact details.

If you are using a representative to help you with your request then their name, address and telephone details will also need to be included.


  • Details of your application.
  • Date of the decision by Jobcentre Plus.
  • Reasons why you disagree with the decision.
  • Your bank account details.

Add any other information or details you think are important and send to:

Contact by Post:
The Independent Case Examiner.
PO Box 209,
L20 7WA.

E-mail: ice.budgetingloans@dwp.gsi.gov.uk.

There is more information about budgeting loans at the money advice service.
And don’t forget to use the budgeting loan number, if you have any questions regarding your application or if you feel you have been unfairly treated in any way.


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