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CSA Complaints 0843 455 0070.

CSA ComplaintsCSA complaints phone number is accessible to everyone that has an ongoing case with the Child Support Agency (CSA). However, the rules have changed since February 25, 2013. This was after the Child Maintenance Service became the body mandated to look after all child support related cases. Ideally, the Child Maintenance Service is the statutory government organisation that handles child maintenance cases when the parents of children have separated and cannot reach a family based arraignment.

It seeks to ensure that children under its program have their living costs paid by their respective parent, and that such payments are in accordance with the set rules and regulations. Generally, children under the age of 16 years or those under 20 years and are in full-time schooling are eligible for child support. However, the exact guidelines are clearly outlined on the website of the Children Maintenance Service.

Guardians of children who are under the Children Maintenance Service. Should call the CSA complaints number for clarification of any issues arising with the weekly pay-out that is due to their children. The offices of Children Maintenance Service spread across various parts of the United Kingdom. And those that need to contact them should do so with the office where they are duly registered. Usually, such an office is within the local area where they live.

With the help of its child maintenance calculator, You are able to work out how much each child ought to get per week for maintenance from their parent. Their local office is able to make demands of any pending payments on their behalf. And if needed initiate prosecution requests of anyone for non-payment.

CSA Complaints 0843 455 0070.

The CSA complaints number and email address, as well as the postal address. Coincide with the area where the case was initially booked. You will needs to spell out your National Insurance Number and your date of birth to gain access over the phone. Or in person to any records for which you have a query. It is important to note, however, that any child maintenance case recorded before March 2003. Is not dealt with by the Child Maintenance Service but by the CSA. At the moment, the Child Maintenance Service is only handling existing cases within their database.

For further clarification, people should refer any pending issues to their local Child Maintenance Service office. By calling the dedicated helpline for such queries. The complaints helpline is usually displayed at the top of any correspondence that they have previously received from their local Child Maintenance Service.

The complaints procedure starts with you complaining directly to the CSA, they should give you an explanation within 15 working days. If you are still not happy with the way your case is being delt with, use the CSA Complaints Number to speak to an Independant Case Examiner.

Contact ICE in writing.
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Email us: ice@dwp.gsi.gov.uk.

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