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ESA Complaints 0843 455 0115.

ESA Complaints The ESA Complaints number is to help you if you have a complaint with the ESA.

When applying for Employment And Support Allowance (ESA), The Jobcentre Plus will be the resource for the most amount of information as well as the entity that will make an initial decision in regards to the approval or denial of such a loan. It is for this reason that an ESA complaints phone number is important to have in the event of any questions or complaints regarding Employment And Support Allowance (ESA). Still, let us have a quick look at how the loan approval process will work for those who may be first-time applicants.

First and foremost, a decision needs to first be made by a Reviewing Officer (RO). This information will thereafter be passed on to our Further Reviewing Officer (FRO). Assuming that the correct data has been presented, a decision will be made. Should any further details be required, we will either call you or contact your representative. Either way, our FRO will provide you with the relevant information in regards to the decision. This update will also be sent to your local Jobcentre Plus office.

If the loan is approved, a letter of the offering will be sent to you via Jobcentre Plus. While their local office will be notified in regards to the approval, they will require time to prepare all necessary payments and paperwork. Therefore, this documentation will be sent out after the decision has been made.

Complain about an ESA decision 0843 455 0115.

If it is verified that you have been rewarded and yet you have not received any notification from Jobcentre Plus, it is wise to contact their office to determine when the paperwork will arrive. Should more than seven days pass, it is your option to contact the FRO directly; this information, as well as an ESA complaints contact number, are included along with the initial notification letter.

As soon as we receive approval from Jobcentre Plus, the process will take no longer than twenty-one days. Your written request will need to include your name, your National Insurance number and suitable contact information. If you have appointed a representative to deal with these matters, we will require the same information in regards to them.

If you disagree with any decision and wish to speak with a representative via the ESA complaints phone number, you will need to provide further information. Such data will include the details of the loan, the date of the decision, the details of your bank account and the reasons that you disagree with the outcome. If you wish to send a written request, the same information should be contained within.

Any important information post to:

Contact by Post:
The Independent Case Examiner.
PO Box 209,
L20 7WA.


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ESA Complaints



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