KFC Complaints Number

KFC Complaints Number 0843 455 0129.

KFC Complaints NumberThe KFC complaints number is provided to you by a directory service and is always monitored to ensure the correct connection to the KFC head office is maintained.

KFC Complaints Number will connect you to a KFC Customer Service adviser who is trained to help with your complaint, and deal with your complaint in a satisfactory manner.

Nowadays, it is impossible to visit the local mall or big shopping centre and not see a KFC stall. This fast food restaurant has grown exponentially in numbers since it beginning in 1952 in the state of Utah. Nowadays, there are more than 18,000 outlets in more than 120 countries, according to information from 2012.

KFC, short for Kentucky Fried Chicken, has recently gotten the title of second largest restaurant chain—in fact, it is only second due to the older McDonald’s. As is probably known to everyone, KFC offers many types of food, most of which centre around chicken. The delicious cooking has made it possible for them to gather an outstanding client base over a small period of years. At present times, KFC is quickly recuperating from the Financial Crash of 2008, which hit the company quite badly.

The management of KFC has been superb over the years. In 2011, the company’s growth almost returned to pre-financial crisis years, and it is expected that it will quickly restore its formal glory. Most of this fast recuperation can be credited to the expert management of David C. Novak, the present Chairman and CEO of Yum. He has, over the years, shown that listening to people’s feedback is essential for a steady growth in the client base.

However, even though KFC has many happy customers, there are those who wish to call up the KFC and leave complaints. Due to the rapid expansion, the company has not really been able to upkeep the high-quality services, and, in recent years, the number of KFC complaints has increased substantially. These, however, are mostly in the new, international stores, where the service has not been developed to the desired level.

If you are one of those customers who were not entirely satisfied by the service you got from KFC, you can use the provided KFC complaints phone number to leave your complaint. As has the spokesperson for the company promised, they will review all the complaints and do a complete restructuring so that they can provide the most satisfactory service. Do not be afraid to call them up! Their hotlines are always open, and you will definitely talk to a person who is open and ready to help you with whatever problem you might have. The best part is that you and your opinion will have a positive impact on all the company’s stores.

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KFC Complaints Number 0843 455 0129.

Contact KFC Complaints by Post.
KFC Customer Services,
PO Box 57984,
W4 9AX.

KFC Complaints Number


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