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Npower Complaints 0843 455 0102.

Npower ComplaintsCustomer Services that make Npower unique. Npower is a trading name for RWE npower plc, a leading supplier of gas and electricity generator in the UK. It is ranked among the big six suppliers of energy in the UK. The company operates several natural gas, coal, renewable energy and oil-fired power stations. Npower customer services are highly dedicated to business customers and residents in the UK. The company has a home team brand that provides npower customer services such as servicing and repair of central heating systems and boilers.

All the call centres are based in the UK and all customers are allowed to raise the npower complaints through this platform. They have qualified staff who will attend to their customers within the required time. Since most of the npower complaints are based on energy conservation, the company has an energy efficiency helpline that is free of charge. The helpline is run by trained advisers who offer advice and tips. This helpline has been beneficial in cutting down the number of npower complaints.

You can switch from your current energy supplier to npower. The switching process is part of the npower customer services since the company manages the switching process for all their customers. In order to make the switch effective, you will have to get a quote from the company and apply online. After your application, npower will talk to the current supplier on your behalf. After successful talks, they will inform you when the switch will be carried out. You will then be required to send them your meter readings. They also set up an online account that customers can use to view their bills and send meter reads.

The current energy tariffs supplied by the company include standard, price protector December 2017 and Price Fix August 2015. Apart from energy tariffs, there are other npower services offered too. They include energy saving advice, tips on how to generate energy and how to insulate your home.

Other services include boiler and central heating care, gas boiler repair and gas boiler servicing. Customers are allowed to book boiler services and can also pay upfront fees. The company encourages home owners in the UK to service their boiler and gas appliances each year. Before the onset of the colder months, you can also prepare these appliances by visiting the company for expert advice. You will be provided with information on how to safeguard them against break down. Most people in the UK like the services offered by npower staff and you will certainly like them too.

Npower Complaints 0843 455 0102.

Npower Customer Services 0843 455 0102.

Lines are open Monday to Friday from 8am to 8pm, Saturday 8am to 6pm. Please remember to have your account number to hand.

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Npower Complaints

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