O2 Complaints Number

O2 Complaints Number 0843 455 0083.

O2 Complaints NumberO2, also known as Telefonica Europe plc, is a private company that offers broadband and telecommunications services. The company serves a lot of industries namely telecommunications, pay television, financial services, and Broadband internet access. It has its headquarters in Slough, which is a town located in Berkshire, UK. The company serves different countries like UK, Ireland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Germany.

As far as its telephony operations are concerned, it offers both fixed lines and mobile connections. Just like any other company, this one receives O2 Complaints Number as well from dissatisfied or aggrieved customers despite of the services it provides, which are regarded as impressive by a majority of customers and industry experts.

Since o2 is present in twenty-five different countries around the world and having close to two hundred and ninety million customers, therefore it is quite obvious that it receives a lot of calls from customers and prospective customers, either for o2 complaints or for enquiries. The company always strives to make things run smoothly and in a fuss-free manner for its customers.

The quickest and most effective solution that one can avail when experiencing some problems with the company’s services is to visit the Support section wherein one can get information regarding phones/devices, upgrades, bills/payments, SIM help, network coverage, Pay & Go services, Broadband services and so on. This section is the FAQ section wherein answers to the most common problems are already listed out. If you want then you can get help from the community too by posting a question in o2’s community forum.

If you still cannot get help or if you are still unhappy about o2’s service or product even after visiting the Support section then it is time to contact the company and deliver them the complaint first hand. O2 has dedicated customer service or grievance handling teams that deal with the O2 Complaints Number coming from the consumer. The team can be contacted via post, phone or web chat. Of course, the slowest amongst these methods would be to send a written complaint to them via post.

The company’s complaints-handling department is extremely organized when it comes to receiving O2 Complaints. The website has a table that lists the different numbers that one can call up along with the timings of the complaint numbers. The company has separate complaint numbers for o2 mobile users and landline users, and while a majority of them are toll-free numbers, there are some that are chargeable as per the standard telephone rates or standard international calling rates.

Some search terms use 02 complaints contact number. O2 complaints contact number is using numerals and not an ‘0’ . By adding this line into the text of this page, I am expecting you will find this page even if you search 02 Complaints.

O2 Complaints Number 0843 455 0083.

O2 Complaint Review Service.
PO BOX 302,
LU6 9GN.

You can visit the O2 website here.

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O2 Complaints Number

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