Orange Complaints

Orange Complaints 0843 455 0082.

Orange Services.

The company has won numerous accreditation over the years for its efficient services and operations. The company has managed to put its customers’ needs as the first priority. This has been evidenced by the highly efficient and effective customer service team the company has. For any Orange complaints, subscribers can contact the company’s customer care team. The team can be reached via the company’s official contact number.

Orange is a principal retailer of mobile phones and other services in international markets. It has an extensive range of network connectivity services which it facilitates to its subscribers.

Some of its services include home network services and monthly contracts. It also provides mobile broadband internet services. All their services are featured on the company’s official website. A person can also contact the company ’s customer service team for any inquiries about their services.

Orange Complaints.

All orange complaints are addressed by the company’s customer service team. The support team is available 24/7. The team can be reached by dialling the orange customer service contact number. Alternatively, a person can initiate a live chat with a customer service attendant on the company’s official website.

Orange complaints can also be sent via email to the customer service team. A complaint email is responded within 24 hours after it has been sent. All complaints are addressed thoroughly to maintain customer’s satisfaction.

Merits of Orange Mobile.

Orange mobile services connect with ease to any other network. It is also relatively cheaper compared to other mobile network services offered by other companies. The service subscribers can offer feedback on the services they obtain from the company. This way, the company’s support easily identifies any flaws in the system and corrects them. This ensures that all services from the company run smoothly at all times.

Mobile and mobile broadband customers:

Orange Customer Services.
PO Box 10.
BS32 4BQ.

Home broadband customers:

Orange Customer Care.
PO Box 486.
S63 5ZX.

orange complaints

Phone: 0843 455 0082.

You’ll need to include:

  1. Your name.
  2. Your full postal address (and your Orange email address if you’re a broadband customer).
  3. Your Orange account number and/or Orange telephone number (if you’re a broadband customer, this must be the number you use to connect to the internet).
  4. Details of your complaint.
  5. Your resolution requirements.
  6. A daytime contact telephone number.

Orange Complaints 0843 455 0082.

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