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Scottish Power ComplaintsIs Scottish Power delivering adequate services to their customers?

Scottish power is an energy company with headquarters in Glasgow, Scotland. Initially, it was a constituent of the FTSE 100 Index but later become a subsidiary of Spanish utility Iberdrola in 2006. The company is a distribution network operator for southern and central Scotland, North Wales and Merseyside. Additionally, it is a reliable supplier of gas and electricity to businesses and homes in and around the UK. It is committed to continue being a leader in providing renewable energy solutions all over the world. Furthermore, Scottish power customer services are aimed at helping their customers understand how to become more energy efficient.

Currently, the company is proud of the projects they are carrying out. They believe the projects will boost the rate of satisfaction for Scottish power customer services. Some of the leading companies such as Iberdrola Group have made earmarking investments into the company as a means of developing energy renewable and improving the company network. Such investments have also created, massive employment opportunities. They also partner with suppliers directly as a means of reducing the Scottish power complaints raised from unsatisfied customers.

In order to boost delivery of Scottish power customer services, the company was forced to raise the prices of electricity by 9% and gas by 8.5% in December 2013. Despite the increment, the company is still committed to listening to their customers and making necessary adjustments where necessary.

Since 2007, the company has invested over £1 billion in setting up renewable projects for their customers. The renewable department is responsible for the development and operation of marine and onshore wind projects in the UK as well as offshore wind farms all over the world. Apart from supplying Scottish power customer services to the community, the company is also committed to working together with the local communities. They have provided several benefits to the communities living near the wind farms in a number of ways.

Every customer contact made by the company is aimed at providing the best services to the customers. However, Scottish power complaints are unavoidable to the company since satisfaction remains to be a personal decision. The major Scottish power complaints raised in the past four years are closely related to billing, customer services, payment issues, metering and customer establishment. Every case of dissatisfaction raised by a customer is recorded and a unique reference number provided. However, the company is at all times dedicated to resolving all the customer complaints in time.

Scottish Power Complaints 0843 455 0116.

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Scottish Power Complaints

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