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Talk Talk customer ServicePeople just cannot function without mobile phones and the internet these days, a fact which telecom companies understand so well and also take advantage of! Today, there is no dearth of telecom and broadband services companies out there in the market, but TalkTalk manages to stand out from the rest because of the cost-effective and beneficial deals and offers it provides to its customers. Formally launched in the year 2003, the public limited company shows no signs of slowing down. As a customer, there may be times when you need to make a complaint. During such instances, you can use the complaints number to do this at any time.

Originally Talk Talk was just a provider for fixed line telephony services, but it has managed to grow and expand. Today, the company offers services pertaining to television, mobile network and internet access to UK residents. In addition to its telecommunications services. Some of the key people of the company are Charles Dunstone, the Chairman and Dido Harding, the Chief Executive of the company. Talk Talk offers fixed-lined or landline telephony and Broadband services under the brand named AOL Broadband. Because of this association, Customers have access to some AOL content partnerships.

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In the year 2010, Talk Talk Mobile was launched. This mobile telephone service from Talk Talk operates as a mobile virtual network operator. A mobile broadband dongle was also launched by the company as a solution for their customers who need internet on the go. You have to be an existing customer in order to sign up for the dongle or mobile telephone service. In the same year, an IPTV service from a company based in Tiscali was inherited by Talk Talk and renamed into Talk Talk TV.

TalkTalk Group also has a subsidiary for business enterprises and commercial clients, which goes by the name of TalkTalk Business. This subsidiary offers MPLS network solutions, IT support, high bandwidth Ethernet, mobile phone, telephone and business broadband solutions. Even though Talk Talk is an extremely massive public limited company. It is still very much reachable and clients can make a complaint by calling Talk Talk Customer service or email. Customer satisfaction is the company’s top priority. Therefore the Talk Talk customer Service department of the company is extremely diligent and meticulous in answering the queries and addressing any complaints from their customers calling the Talk Talk Complaints advisors.

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